Coedisar, founded in 1986, deals primarily with cartography, but also has a solid publishing production.Coedisar produces to books and cartography. The book production is addressed essentially towards technical and scientificarguments, with particular reference to the problematic ones connectedto the natural atmosphere, sciences of the earth and the architecture.
The cartographic production is of scientific, technical, naturalisticand tourist nature, and is turned for more to the territorialplanning, the tourism and the activities tied to the free time.

COEDISAR is also pleased to present the new website devoted to antique maps and books: WWW.MABMAPS.NET . Reproductions were acquired from the cartographic collection of Coedisar and form some of the most prestigious collection of maps in the world and reported to their full glory with a carefully rework by our experts. Reproductions can be purchased and downloaded directly from the site.

GEOLOGY STUDIO of Geologist Dr. Antonio Franco Fadda. The activity is developed in the fields of geology, planning, defense and the hydrogeological and environmental remediation, with particular reference to the planning, design, site supervision and monitoring of geological operations.